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André Arnold-Peltier André Arnold-Peltier was born on 16th November 1936, in Brig (Switzerland).

Pass (2005m) for the first 7 years of his life. He studied at the College of the Simplon Hospice, then at Lausanne and Brig. His encounter with the famous Swiss geologist Albert Streckeisen encouraged him to study Geology at the University of Bern, where he passed a PhD in petrography. From 1974 to 2001, he ran the Laboratory of the Institute of the Preservation of Monuments at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

He has published numerous scientific articles in international journals and co-written several books. Frequently called as an expert and teacher by the Council of Europe and the UN, in Switzerland and abroad (France, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, Greece, Romania, United States, Thailand, Egypt ...), he has created an impressive photographic collection during his travels.

Since 2001, he lives in Paris where he has been entirely devoted to photography and to publishing activities. He has shot a series of photographs for different institutions (Sénat, Institut de France, Lycée Henri-IV ...), press releases and musicians.

He is the author of six picture-books (bilingual, French and English) published by Pippa: The Luxembourg Gardens (2006), Le Quartier Latin and its Surroundings (2007), Le Lycée Henri-IV, entre potaches et moines copistes (2008), Paris along the river (2008 et 2010), Paris, The Isles and the Marais (2010). Notre-Dame de Paris, Cathedral of Lights (2012).

Learn more about his publications. ..

He often exhibits and attends book signing sessions in various places in Paris. His exhibition “Jardin du Luxembourg” was thus displayed in the local bookstores Gibert Joseph and Eyrolles. His most recent exhibition “Small Scenes of Paris” (2009-2010), displayed in the town hall of the 6th arrondissement, in the Banque populaire Saint-Michel and in the PIPPA Gallery, had a resounding success. In May 2011, he won the competition Montparnasse 56 tanks to his photo “winter storm Montparnasse.”